Why Choose WEonline.biz

WEonline.biz, A division of WE Financial Services, brings Karachi Stock Exchange to your doorstep through the state of the art systems acknowledged by Intel®.

Trading shares were never that easy and now only requires a key press. Your decision to make the key press is facilitated by providing you with research and other information in an investor friendly format from a pile of data which overwhelms an investor otherwise.

Personalized Service:   WE invests in relationships. And all our relationships are important to us. Whether its investment advice or account maintenance, you will get individual attention to fulfill your needs.

Flexible Account Plans:  WE offers you a range of account plans to choose from according to your needs. Whatever the option you choose, you can rely on our committed professionals to assist you in reaching your financial goals.

Powerful Tools:  WE offers a wide range of tools enabling you to be on top of your investments. From Research to Statistics to Interactive Graphs to our Breaking Views. WE strive to provide you with our un-biased timely information, leaving you time to ponder on other things in life.

Low Commissions:  Our commissions are very competitive with the best services available.

Real Time Quotes:  Information is vital! that is why, we offer real time quotes live from the Karachi Stock Exchange.

Online Account Accessibility:  You will  save a lot of time and money by working with WE. You will have access to reports from basic transaction details to your account performance. You will save cost and time that is needed to prepare these reports and the best part is that you can access it at a time and place of your convenience by logging in to our website This feature alone will give you value for your money.

Security:  Security and confidentiality are the foremost cardinal principals at WE.  You can trade with ease as online trading at WEonline.iz is equipped with a multi layer system for customer verification and authorization. A User Id, Password and PIN Code helps make it virtually impossible for a non-authorized person to tap into any customers account.

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