Rules and Regulations

 General Regulationsdownload < 1 MB

 Listing Regulationsdownload < 1 MB

 Over the Counterdownload < 1 MB

 Cash-Settled Futures Contractdownload < 1 MB

 Provisionally Listed Companiesdownload < 1 MB

 Short Selling, 2002download < 1 MB

 Proprietary Tradingdownload < 1 MB

 Margin Trading, 2004download < 1 MB

 Karachi Automated Trading System (KATS)download < 1 MB

 Regulations Governing System Audit [Regulatory Compliance] of the Brokers of the KSEdownload < 1 MB

 Regulations Governing Index Option Contractsdownload < 1 MB

 Risk Managementdownload < 1 MB

 Regulations for Branch Officesdownload < 1 MB

 Regulations Governing Stock Index Futures Contract (SIFC)download < 1 MB

 Deliverable Futures Contractdownload < 1 MB

 Members' Default Management Regulationsdownload < 1 MB

 Bond Automated Trading System (BATS) Regulationsdownload < 1 MB

 Investors Protection Fund Regulationsdownload < 1 MB

 Regulations Governing Market Makersdownload < 1 MB

 Regulations Governing Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)download < 1 MB

 Internet Trading Regulations of KSEdownload < 1 MB

 Regulations Governing Government Debt Securities (GDS) Marketdownload < 1 MB


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