Online Trading

WE believe in continuous improvement and constant technological advancement; the goal is to provide you the maximum available convenience. is the embodiment of our vision to promote “informed investors” where WE provide an exhaustive information portal to assist you in making smart investment decisions at the click of a button. will strengthen your confidence in us as WE allow you to execute transactions in real-time anywhere in the world. provides you a state of the art application, Vtrade which enables you to access Karachi Stock Exchange.

Vtrade is a unique and revolutionary Online trading application for all your financial decision making offering fast, reliable and timely information. You can now invest with ease through Vtrade as it brings the KSE at your fingertips.

Vtrade is loaded with features like:

Real-time market quotes – Live market quotes are available to all WE Online clients during market hours even with a normal internet dial-up connection.

Universal access to your WE Online Account – You can stay in touch with your investments wherever you are, at a click of a button away.

Secure Transactions – Security and confidentiality are the foremost cardinal principals at WE Online. Now you can trade with ease as online trading with is equipped with a multi layer system for customer verification and authorization. A User Id, Password and PIN Code helps make it virtually impossible for a non-authorized person to tap into any customers account.

Real-time portfolio updates and trade executions – Instantaneous confirmations on what securities you have bought or sold just a click away.

Real-Time Risk Management – Your investments will be safe with our state of the art real-time risk management system giving you time to worry about other things in life.


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