Morning Briefing

Morning Briefing

WE Morning Briefing 06-JUN-2022
WE Morning Briefing 01-JUN-2022
WE Morning Briefing 31-MAY-2022
WE Morning Briefing 30-MAY-2022
WE Morning Briefing 26-MAY-2022

Stock Watch

Stock Watch |OGDC-Result Preview 3QFY22
Stock Watch |PPL-Result Review 3QFY22
Stock Watch |PPL-Result Preview 3QFY22
Stock Watch | LOTCHEM Result Preview 1QCY22
Stock Watch | ASTL-Result Preview 3QFY22
Stock Watch | Lotchem Result Preview - 4QCY21
Stock Watch | OGDC-Result Preview 2QFY22
Stock Watch | Mughal Result Review 2QFY22
Stock Watch | LOTCHEM- Result Review CY21
Stock Watch | Mughal Result Preview 2QFY22
Stock Watch | OGDC Result Preview - 2QFY22
Stock Watch | EFERT Result Review 4QCY21
Stock Watch | EFERT Result Preview 4QCY21
Stock Watch | EFERT Result Review 3QCY21
Stock Watch | EFERT Result Preview 3QCY21
Stock Watch | EFERT Result Review 1QCY21
Stock Watch | EFERT Result Preview 1QCY21
Stock Watch | Result Previews - FFC & EFERT

Sector Watch

Sector Watch | Auto Sales - Apr'21
Sector Watch | Auto Sales-Feb'21
Sector Watch | Automobile Sales - Jan'21
Sector Watch | Automobile Sales Dec'20
Sector Watch | Automobile Sales Nov'20
Sector Watch | Banking Spread-Feb'19
Sector Watch | Fertilizer Offtake - Sep'21
Sector Watch | Fertilizer Offtakes - Feb'21
Sector Watch | Fertilizer Offtakes - Nov'20
Sector Watch | Fertilizer Industry June 2018
Sector Watch | Power Industry July-2018

Economy Watch

Economy Watch | CPI Preview Mar-22
Economy Watch | LSM-Jan-22
Economy Watch | CPI Preview - Oct'21
Economy Watch | Inflation Preview - Sep'21
Economy Watch | LSM - Jul'21
Economy Watch | CPI Preview - May'21
Economy Watch | Inflation Preview - Mar'21
Economy Watch | LSM Output - Jan'21
Economy Watch | Inflation Review - Feb'21
Economy Watch | Current Account - Nov'20

Company Watch

Company Watch | Airlink
Company Watch | ASTL-Profitability Amid Lower Scrap Prices
Company Watch | Company Watch LOTCHEM CY18-Result Review
Company Watch | EFERT
Company Watch | KAPCO- Detailed Report (22 May-2019
Company Watch | PPL- Detailed Report

At WE, we understand the need for timely un-cluttered information so that you can worry about other things in life. That is why our Morning Briefing is your daily source of information helping you in making the right investment decisions with precise information handy to you.

Please view our recent Morning Briefing.

Our Morning Briefing covers the following:

News in Focus – Whether local or international, economical or political, our News section covers all the headlines that might have an impact on the Pakistani Capital Markets.

Brief Report – Every morning WE bring you a breif report on either a listed company, an IPO, Industry Outllok or Economic outlook keeping you abreast on the updates.

Pivot Analysis – This is the technical Analysis portion which covers the KSE-100 index and top companies offering today's Support and Resistance levels.

Book Closures – This section covers Book Closures from that day onwards along with the payouts details as well as information about Spot Dates and AGM's/EOGM's.

Key Statistics – All the key statistics of last closing is presented in a very user friendly manner for your ease covering:

– Exchange Statistics

– Money Market

– Commodities

– Portfolio Investments

– GDR Updates

– Board Meetings


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