Still having questions? Please use our Contact Us or e-mail us at support@weonline.biz.

1. How do I contact customer service if I reside outside Pakistan?

Clients residing outside Pakistan can send an email detailing your query to us or by dialing WEonline.biz helpline at +92 21-111-451-451 from outside Pakistan

2. What is the minimum system requirement?
System PII 733mhz or greater
Disk Space 10 MB Free
Ram 128mb or greater
Internet Access All ISP's.
3. I am new to the market, where can I find definitions of financial terms?

We have included ourWEducate section of our website to assist you with the trading environment.

4. Who can sign up for WEonline.biz?

Any person wishing to trade on the Karachi Stock Exchange can sign up with WEonline.biz.

5. Are the market quotes real-time or delayed?

The market quotes and order placement quotes are real-time for WEonline.biz clients.

6. Can I get Weonline.biz Research with this service?

Yes. You will be able to receive and download our research.

7. How much does it cost to trade through WEonline.biz?

You can trade from as low* as 3 paisa.  For further details please consult our commission structure.

8. What is the fastest way to open an account?

You can download our account opening form from our Account Center, and send it dully filled and signed along with all the required documents including your funds.


You can contact us for our account opening form and we'll dispatch our form to your address.


You can visit our offices and fill the form in person.

Processing of Account: Once your application form along with all necessary documents is received, it can take between 4-10 working days to activate your account for local clients (clients residing in Karachi).  For all non-local clients, it can take a maximum of 15 working days depending on the time taken by the banks to clear the cheque.
9. Can my application be rejected?

All account opening forms received by Weonline.biz have to undergo internal procedures as per the policies and can have one of the following outcomes:

1) Account will be opened and the account opening material will be dispatched to you.


2) Account opening can be refused. In this case the prospective customer will be intimated via email/letter.

10. What is the minimum amount required for opening an account?

You can open an account with as low* as PKR 25,000. Your minimum initial deposit is based on the account type you have selected and may be modified by special promotional offers.

11. What type of account can I open with WEonline.biz?

You can either open an Individualor Corporate Account.  An individual account can be either Single or a Joint account:

Single: only the account holder will own and operate the account.

Joint: This account is jointly owned (maximum of 4 people) but the execution of orders can only be made by one person at at any given point in time.

12. Can I withdraw money from my Weonline.biz account?

With a single click you can place a withdrawal request of desired amount from your account.

13. Can I transfer securities from my other accounts?

Yes, you can transfer securities from your other accounts or from a CDC Investor-account. Please inform us in writing when you do transfer so the shares received are properly credited into your sub-account maintained with WE

14. Can I trade in Futures?

No, WEonline.biz is currently not offering trading in futures.

15. Can I trade in Physical Shares?

No, WEonline.biz is currently not offering trading in physical shares.

16. Can I trade electronically with WEonline.biz?

Yes, if you are signed up with WEonline.biz and have received a user ID and password from us.  You can choose between our trading tools:Trading Zone” and “EZ Trade.

17. Is there a time limitation for my access to the market data?

Real-time data is available during market hours only.

18. Is there any fee to maintain a WEonline.biz account?

No, there are no fees applicable to maintain a Weonline.biz account. For further information, please visit our commission structure page.

19. Can I receive account statements electronically?

You can access your statements at www.WEonline.biz at any time.  Furthermore, you will be notified by e-mail at the end of each trading day of your confirmations.  Please make sure to retain your statements if you would like a history of your transactions.

20. Are there any hidden charges?

No, there are no hidden charge. The only charges that apply are

  • normal commission
  • Federal Excise Duty @ 16% on Commission
  • CFS rate (if applicable)
  • WHT.
  • On demand Share movement charges

For applicable commission and taxes, please consult our commissions schedule.

21. I have just registered, but I cannot log in?

This can be due to two reasons:

  • Please activate your account by calling our Call Centre at (92 21) 111-451-451 and choose the “Avtivate Your Account” option.
  • Check your user-id and password, as they are case-sensitive and retry.

If the problem still persists please contact our call center at (92 21) 111-451-451.

22. Are my transaction secured?

Yes, our trading tools are equipped with a multi layer security system for customer verification and authorization. A User Id, Password and PIN Code helps make it virtually impossible for a non-authorized person to tap into any customers account.  It is strictly advisable not to disseminate your account details.

23. Is my privacy maintained at all times?

Yes, client confidentiality is the cardinal principal at WEonline.biz.

24. What are the different means available for account accessibility?

You can have access to your account through our trading tools and through our Call Center (92 21) 111-451-451 from 9:00 am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday.

* This will depend on our promotions and can change with or without prior notice.


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