Mr. Humayun Javed

Mr. Humayun Javed has a rich experience of over 27 years in the field of Financial Services, Brokerage and Advisory, Corporate lending/Corporate Advisory with qualifications of BBA (Hons.) from Western Michigan University, MI, USA (in 1993).

Prior to joining WE Financial Services, Mr. Javed has worked with Deutsche Bank AG, as a Senior Manager in the Corporate Banking division. He has held the distinction of serving as Director and subsequently Chairman of the Board of The Takaful Company, and within a span of 1 year increased its revenue by 5 times (Rs. 22m to Rs. 143m), expanded from 9 branches to 22 and new business increased to Rs. 200m from 70m, which is a record in the history of the company. Mr. Javed is an active member of PSX Stock Brokers' Association and is currently serving as an elected Committee Member.

Mr. Asad Javed

Mr. Asad Javed holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Western Michigan University, MI, USA. His work experience spans over 25 years catering to Equity Brokerage, Financial Advisory and Fund Management. He is leading the Equity Sales desk of WE Financial Services.

Mr. Javed embarked his professional career with an internship at Teather & Greenwood PLC, UK, before coming to Pakistan and joined as Equity Portfolio Manager at Crescent Investment Bank Limited. He has held the distinction of serving as CEO of WE Investment Management, which had launched WE Balanced Fund and created precedence by safeguarding shareholders profit during the 2008 stock market meltdown.

Mr. Raheel Javed

Mr. Raheel Javed holds a Master's degree in Business Administration from Western Michigan University, MI, USA. His work experience spans over 21 years. He headed the Business Development, Risk, Online Trading and Customer Service divisions.

Mr. Javed was most instrumental in devising, establishing and implementing the platform for Online Trading, in assistance with top leading vendors in the country, along with Customer-centric value-added services, including our online portal He incorporated multiple product lines for the ease and convenience of the clients, and implemented Risk Management Systems. Furthermore, he designed and implemented proper back-office controls and procedures.

Mr. Zia Javed

Mr. Zia Javed joined WE Financial Services in 1998 after graduating from Western Michigan University, MI, USA with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. He is currently leading the Settlement, Finance and Compliance divisions.

Over his 21 years of professional career, Mr. Javed has accumulated a diversified wealth of experience. He had embarked in FMCG through retail food outlet. He had served as Director in a Pharma distribution company, which marketed toll-manufactured consumer specific pharmaceuticals. He has also served as Country Director of BLUESONIC, a new-age digital electronics manufacturing company with offices in Canada and Dubai, UAE, establishing entry into MENA region through synergies with existing channels. Furthermore, he served as Director Business Development for Grand Technology Resources CO LLC, based in Dubai, UAE.


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