Mr. Humayun Javed

Mr. Humayun Javed has been leading WE Financial Services since 2001. He began his career in Corporate Banking with Deutsche Bank in 1993 and gradually steered his career towards capital markets. He joined WE in 1997 and has since risen his rank to his current designation. Under his leadership WE consistently grew at CAGR of 118% from 2004 to 2007 and the company's assets increased from USD 1.55 million to USD 11.23 million in 1QCY08

Mr. Asad Javed

Mr Asad Javed has over 10 years of experience in equity sales, management of equity portfolio, risk management and arbitrage. Mr. Asad Javed has formerly been associated with Crescent Investment Bank Limited in the merchant banking division where he was one of the two member team that managed funds of Rs. 2 Billion for Crescent Investment Bank. His cross-sectional experience in Merchant Banking from research to portfolio managements is a valuable asset to WE, as he leads from the front. Moreover, having experienced the market at its worst and best, he has developed an irreplaceable insight.

Mr. Raheel Javed

Mr. Raheel Javed joined WE Financial Services Limited in 2003 in the operations department. He has been instrumental in streamlining all operational activities of the company and introducing the Operational Risk Management System. In addition, Mr. Raheel Javed has also been creative in establishing the CSR Desk and Client Services. He has spearheaded the successful launch and establishment of WE's online trading division. His dedication and aesthetic prowess have empowered him to sustain continuous improvement in the services offered by the online portal.

Mr. Zia Javed

Mr. Zia Javed started his career with WE Financial Services Limited in 1998 and is currently working as director Equity Sales. He has a passion for the capital market and has grown at WE by helping client blossom their investments. He has a keen eye on market trends and this has helped him develop mutually beneficial relationships with clients


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