Breaking Views

Our Breaking Views is an un-biased candid opinion live from WE’s trading room. As information is mostly confused with rumors in the market, WE thought to give a clear and actual information about the market and advise on the rumors.

Breaking views is where our experts update you on their views about the reasons behind the recent market trends.

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Our Breaking Views covers the following:

News in Focus – Whether local or international, economical or political, all the important headlines that might have an impact on the Pakistani Capital Markets.

The Expected Market Behavior For The Day – Our focus is on trying to provide our un-biased view on how the market might behave for the day. Our anchor for the day will summarize our expectations for the day based on market intelligence, as well as the News for the day giving you a clear direction on how and where the market will be heading to.

Scrips For the Day – Depending on our market conditions our Anchors will try to provide you with a few scrips that might show some movement for the day.

Book Closures – This will only be covered if any major Book Closure is expected for the day.

For Further details, please view our Morning Briefing.


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