Account Opening Forms

Thank you for choosing WE Financial Services as your preferred Broker for all your financial objectives.

Please download your choice of Account Opening Form (AOF) from under:

   Individual Account Opening Form                  1.63 MB

   Corporate Account Oppening Form                4.60 MB

   Commodities Account Oppening Form             3.20 MB

Please consult our open an account for assistance with our AOF.

Processing of new accounts

It can take between 4-10 working days to activate your account for local clients (clients residing in Karachi). For all clients residing outside Karachi, it can take a maximum of 15 working days depending on the time taken by the banks to clear the cheque.

All our Account Opening Forms have to undergo internal procedures and can have one of the following outcome:

1) Accounts will be opened and the account opening material will be dispatched to our new customer.


2) Account opening can be refused. In this case the prospective customer will be intimated via email/letter.

Once we receive the Account Opening form, one of our Customer Services Representatives will contact you for further details.

If you have any other query, please feel free to contact us OR call at our Customer Services Center (+92 21) 32429290.

WE look forward to providing you with our personalized service with a smileAt WE, opening an account is simple and easy as you have the following options.


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